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Jilong new product visual fault locator VFL-22M/22P release

Recently, after Jilong participated in the 22TH CIOE, its brand popularity, attention, and influence have taken a step forward. In order to provide customers with better optical fiber measurement solutions and meet the needs of new and old customers, Jilong Communications' new products-VFL-22M mini visual fault locator and VFL-22P pen-style , will be released in 2020 Oct.10th


VFL-22M Mini Visual Fault Locator

VFL-22M adopts a mini appearance design, which is not only easy to operate with one hand, but also light and easy to carry; the case is made of frosted material, which is not easy to slip when holding it; because it is equipped with a high-end laser chip, the red light source is strong and stable, and has strong penetrating power; 2.5mm universal interface, can be applied to SC, FC, ST, LC (optional) and other connector interfaces; with 10mW, 20mW, 30mW three power product models, the test distance can reach 25 ~ 30KM; Two flashing detection methods can be switched with one button, allowing you to easily find fiber link faults.

The VFL-22M is equipped with LED lights, and the small flashlight illuminates your road for fiber optic maintenance.

VFL-22M has a built-in large-capacity lithium battery and USB charging function. It supports current mainstream charging devices, such as power banks, car charging, etc., making it convenient and worry-free during use.

VFL-22M adopts silicone dust cap design, which is not easy to break and can fully protect the laser.


VFL-22P can also be called a pen-type VFL because of its appearance resembles a pen, which is similar to VFL-22M in terms of product functions and usage. The VFL-22P adopts a metal body design, a stylish and simple appearance, and has a good texture; it is equipped with a high-end laser chip, stable output and a strong light source; it has a 2.5mm universal interface, suitable for SC, FC , ST, LC (optional); three specifications of 10mW, 20mW, 30mW are available, and the test distance up to 25~30KM; at the same time, in order to meet the long-time outdoor testing, the VFL-22P has about 40 hours of long-lasting battery life to ensure work uninterrupted.

VFL-22P adopts a hidden button design, it is not easy to open automatically when placed in a non-working state, which effectively extends its working time.

VFL-22P dust cap is made of silica gel, which is not only not easy to break, but also can effectively prevent dust and pollution.


What are the usages of VFL?

①It can quickly detect the on-off and breakpoint of optical fiber link;

②The bending point of fiber link can be found quickly;

③It can help you quickly find the corresponding port of the link;


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