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Fusion Splicer main use and maintenance

Fusion Splicer main use and maintenance

Fusion Splicer is mainly used in:

Telecom operators, communications engineering company, institution of cable line construction, maintenance, emergency repair;

Optical device experiment, production and testing;

Scientific research;

Universities in the optical fiber communications professional teaching and research.

Fusion Splicer maintenance:

Optical fiber welding machine the vulnerability of consumables for discharge electrode. Basic discharge 4000 times or so, need to replace the new electrode. Electrode method of replacement:

First remove the electrode chamber protective cover, loosen screw is fixed on the electrode, remove the electrodes. Then loosen the electrode under the fixed screw, remove the electrodes. The installation of a new electrode order and remove the action on the contrary, require two electrode tip clearance for: 2.6 + / – 0.2 mm, with optical fiber and symmetry. Normally the electrode is not adjusted. In the process of change should not touch the electrode tips, in case of damage, and should avoid electrode inside the machine.

After replacement of electrode shall be arc position calibration or oneself do processing, polishing again, but changes the length of the corresponding welding parameters are also need to make changes

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